Pattern Languages and the Nature of Order: Call for Paper

Purplsoc-Workshop-eyecatcherPrior to the international conference PURPLSOC in July 2015, a two-day preparatory workshop will be hosted at Danube-University on November 14/15, 2014. During the last two decades many patterns, pattern languages, and case studies describing their successful application have been published in a number of different disciplines. However, this still feels like the tip of an iceberg, with many open scientific questions, e. g. regarding the theoretical background of patterns and the practical implementation of pattern methods in research and teaching. The workshop is intended to stimulate the attention for pattern related work, both in the scientific community and the wider public, by showing its broad applicability and fruitfulness.

Areas of interests and topics


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The PURPLSOC workshop provides a forum for pattern researchers from a variety of fields as well as for the broader public to come together and discuss application fields like:

  • Architecture, Urbanism and Regional Development
  • Design – from Software to Hardware
  • Organizational Development
  • Education and Design for Learning
  • Social Activism and Social innovation
  • Music, Arts, Culture, Playful Patterns

Purplsoc-Workshop-Announcement3We call for high-quality and innovative submissions in a mature state that address one or more of the following topics:

  • Experiences and examples of the Alexandrian approach in different subjects and disciplines
  • Increase of the understanding of living properties and their processes: motivation, empirical evidence, application etc.
  • The Alexandrian approach for societal change, as a new paradigm for social processes and innovation
  • Usages of patterns and pattern languages in general

These submissions form the basis for deeper discussions in smaller work groups whereby the authors are expected to present their ideas in a short presentation.

Pattern Languages and the Nature of Order


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Taken from the ideas of Christopher Alexander, the workshop will focus on the many ways in which patterns can be applied to a wide range of working and learning environments to support life, wholeness, and beauty. The preparatory workshop will foster the central idea of the PURPLSOC Conference: applying the pattern approach to many disciplines and areas of the life-word. Life as a complex web of relationships, as an emergent process over time, and as a human feeling will be discussed in such different fields like complexity theory, pattern theory, learning, architecture, sustainability, and social activism to name just a few of the interesting research questions. We want to demonstrate how the Alexandrian pattern approach can be applied to many contemporary societal discourses and debates.

A detailed schedule will be announced in September.


We will publish the revised workshop papers.

Abstracts will be broadcast as audio-recorded podcasts prior to the conference, starting January 2015.


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Authors are required to submit an extended abstract (2-4 pages long), that will undergo a blind review process, until August 15th, 2014. Full papers (approx. 15 pages long) are due October 30th, 2014 (two weeks before the workshop). After the workshop the authors will have time till January 7th to revise their papers.

Important Dates

Extended Abstracts (2-4 pages) are due: August 15th, 2014
Acceptance notice: September 5th, 2014
Full paper: October 30th, 2014

Workshop: November 14th/15th, 2014

Full revised papers: January 7th, 2014
Acceptance notice: January 31th, 2015
Podcast broadcast: starting January 2015
Publication: July 2015

Paper submission

Papers must be submitted to

All papers must conform to American Psychological Association 6th Edition format. All post-workshop submissions will undergo a rigorous double blind review process.


Peter Baumgartner, Danube University Krems
Richard Sickinger, Danube University Krems
Helmut Leitner, GIVE Forschungsgesellschaft

For any question, please contact

Program committee

Reinhard Bauer
Peter Baumgartner
Christian Koeppe
Christian Kohls
Helmut Leitner
Franz Nahrada
Hajo Neis
Richard Sickinger
Wolfgang Stark
Tim Wellhausen

Call for Cooperation

We are still at the beginning of our discussion and open for suggestions of topics and other recommendation. Please distribute the attached fact sheet for the workshop to your colleagues and other interested people.  Join us in building a movement for pattern languages for a societal change (PURPLSOC). Contact any member of the program committee or send an email to

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