imstat-01: Variable Types (Drag & Drop)

The following exercise uses the H5P Drag & Drop content type to practice variable types. To decide the types of variables students have to inspect the example observations from the presented graphic of the dataset table.

The following exercise is just an example. The type of exercise is generic. It can be applied either to those datasets where the number of variables is low so that all variables (columns) will fit the screen or present just an extract of the table in the graphic.

There is always the question if there is enough place for the draggable objects over the column headers. In some cases, as in the following example as well, one has to stack the storage places. Another option would be to use the top and bottom of the table for the placeholder areas or to provide more observations and to use the content of the table itself for some laydown areas. Both solutions are not ideal but only workarounds.

A third alternative would be to use R Markdown (e.g., bookdown, blogdown or a learnr tutorial) to present the full table and students can scroll the table horizontally). In this case, the real dataset is provided but the H5P exercise has to use the other Drag & Drop variant embedded in an iframe.

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