imstat-01: Variable Types (Question Set with MC-Battery)

The following exercise uses the H5P Question Set content type to present a collection of Multiple-Choice questions. Technically speaking the exercises uses Single-Choice but uses the H5P Multiple-Choice content type. The questions are taken from the first chapter of the accompanying material of Discovering Statistics Using R.1. The feedback is cleaned from the concept of level of measurements (e.g., interval, ratio scale) as these notions are not explained in the imstat-book so far.

The presented exercises are just examples. The question set can be extended not only with more MC-questions but it could also be mixed with other questions types about types of variables (e.g., Drag & Drop, True/False, Fill the Blank, etc.


  1. Field, A., & Miles, J. (2012). Discovering Statistics Using R (Illustrated Edition). Sage Publications Ltd.

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