imstat-01: Variable Types (Question Set with True/False Battery)

The following exercise uses the H5P Question Set content type to present a collection of True/False questions.

True/False questions are of special educational value if they are used to decide problematic cases. Of course, all True/False questions could be converted to Single-Choice questions. But I believe that to affirm or reject a bold assertion is particularly in exceptional cases more challenging than to select an answer to a neutral question.

All the questions and answers I have invented myself. It is quite possible that my arguments are flawed or even wrong. Even these questions are just examples to demonstrate the possible educational value of using H5P exercises, a correcting comment would be nice and very helpful.

Note: This question set can be extended not only with more T/F questions but also to include other questions types about types of variables (e.g., Drag & Drop, Multiple-Choice, Single-Choice, Fill the Blank, etc. ) or even with exercises to other subjects as well.

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