Abstract (2004): The Zen Art of Teaching – Communication and Interactions in eEducation

Baumgartner, P., 2004. The Zen Art of Teaching - Communication and Interactions in eEducation. In M. E. Auer & U. Auer, eds. ICL 2003. Villach: Kassel University Press. 

This paper outlines three prototypical modes of teaching and learning and their consequences for the design of eLearning environments. I distinguish between transfer of knowledge (mode I), acquisition of knowledge (mode II) and construction of knowledge (mode III). Based on this theoretical framework I will develop the notion of “educational scenarios” and integrate this concept into a three level perspective: scenarios – interactions patterns – usage of tools.

As a sample demonstration of the usefulness of this approach I will explore the work-flow structure of different kinds of content management systems (CMS). The workflow with its specific right and role management reveals an underlying action and communications structure, which is important for a categorisation of these tools from an educational perspective. I distinguish 5 different types of CMS suitable for different types of educational scenarios for eLearning: Production systems, Weblogs, Groupware, Portals and Wikis.


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