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Efficient R ProgrammingRelatively new to R I thought Efficient R Programming is not a book for me. But I was wrong! Title and subtitle (“A practical guide to smarter programming”) suggested for me that the book is only for advanced programmers. If I am still a newcomer to R, my worries are not so much for efficient programming but to solve programming problems at all.

But if you have ever worked on two or three (small) projects with R, then the book will be very helpful. For instance, it covers in the second chapter important setup questions like updating R, installing and updating R packages, the location of startup files, installing and using RStudio, an important Integrated Development Environment (IDE). With maybe the exception of chapter 7 and 8 (Optimization and Hardware), the book presents many tips for everyday usage like tips search and select packages, to Input/Output routines, to coding style and last not least to effective learning resources.

Efficient R Programming

The book refers to a huge amount of relevant online material. I decided to collect all these links and present it to the interested reader. To help you with the menu, the following list presents the subject of all the chapters:

  • Chapter 01: Introduction
  • Chapter 02: Efficient Setup
  • Chapter 03: Efficient Programming
  • Chapter 04: Efficient Workflow
  • Chapter 05: Efficient Input/Output
  • Chapter 06: Efficient Data Carpentry
  • Chapter 07: Efficient Optimization
  • Chapter 08: Efficient Hardwar
  • Chapter 09: Efficient Collaboration
  • Chapter 10: Efficient Learning

A collection of Links from the book “Efficient R Programming: A Practical Guide to Smarter Programming” by Colin Gillespie & Robing Lovelace (see also the repo at GitHub.)


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