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Efficient R Programming – Book recommendation

The book „Efficient R Programming: A Practical Guide to Smarter Programming“ by Colin Gillespie & Robing Lovelace is a collection of very important resources. It is not only helpful for the advanced data scientist but also the intermediate and even R beginner can benefit a great deal from the book. It covers important R related everyday subjects and activities. Each self-contained chapter starts with 5 top five tips and discusses practical issues. The book is rich in internet references, which I have collected and presented in 10 link lists, divided by the book chapters. Weiterlesen

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R – most minimal learning resources

With December last year, I started to learn data science using R. As a self-determined learner, I had not only to find resources, that are adequate to my learning goals and status of competencies but also to plan and organize my spare time for my self-organized continuing education.This article reports about my strange learning behavior and closes with 3 tips on R learning resources for the beginner, suggesting the most minimal learning set for the prospective data scientist. Weiterlesen

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