Abstract (1998): Learning with the Internet. A Typology of Applications

Baumgartner, P. & Payr, S., 1998. Learning with the Internet. A Typology of Applications. In T. Ottmann & I. Tomek, eds. ED-MEDIA 98. Charlottesville: AACE, pp. 124–129. 

Reflection on the forms and possibilities of Internet use in education does not keep pace with the speed with which access for schools is provided worldwide. For an in-depth educational discussion, we need to differentiate types of Internet applications. We will present a model that was developed for the categorization and evaluation of (stand-alone) interactive media and that we use now to contribute to a more detailed and specific educational discussion of Internet use. After a short review of the foundations on which the model is built we will illustrate its application to the Internet, using existing sites as examples.


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